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Job Share

There's a lot to do on the farm during the growing season.


This year we're debuting a new Job Share program to Woodside Farms. If you've ever thought about joining us to get the work done but have limited farm work experience, this program could be for you. First, you'll need to complete our 40-hour Basic Farm Skills Training Program, while being compensated in $25 of farm shares per 4-hour shift. In order to start getting paid, simply fill out our Job Share Application and start completing the 10-stage skill-building checklist (listed below) with staff training. This program allows you to set your schedule and complete this 40-hour program as quickly or slowly as you would like.

This program is completely optional and is designed to provide the farm as well as the participants the chance to assess what it would be like to work for the farm before making the commitment.

Complete 40 hours of training (at least 4 hours from all 10 stages listed below) to transition from gaining access to Farm Shares to earning $12-$15/hour with the flexibility to make your own work schedule. 

10 Stages: 

1. Weeding/Cleaning/Watering

2. Processing/Washing/Bagging

3. Harvest Easy Crops
4. Bed Flipping

5. System Set Up (drip tape, Remay, shade installation)

6. Harvest Hard Crops
7. Bed Prep and Direct Sow
8. Transplanting & Early Plant Care

9. Pruning, Feeding, Late Plant Care

10. Sales, Store Front, Order Packing

Job Share Timeline
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