Farm Stand

For Everything There Is a Season.

And Ours Starts This Weekend.

9:00 am - noon

  • Saturday, March 28, we will be OPEN


  • Please come out this Saturday and support Woodside Farms.  You probably already have received messages from Roger about the Farm Stand, but we would like to share some more details on options you have this week to ensure that you can quickly pick up essentials and help us do our part to combat COVID-19 in our community.  

  • To keep everyone safe, we will be handling all produce with protective wear on and ask that you refrain from touching the displays.  In addition to our regular variety of a la carte produce offerings, we are offering the opportunity to pre-order your goods.  See the three options listed below.


Option 1: Farmer Share Produce Pack - $25

  • A sampling of everything from the garden to keep your fridge stocked.  Enough fresh produce for 2 people, including carrots, arugula, kale, lettuce, beets, Swiss chard, escarole and some fresh herbs.  Eat healthy all week with fresh salads, stir fry or make a soup!  


Option 2: Farmers Share Protein Pack - $50

  • Breakfast lunch and dinner featuring a healthy portion of locally sourced, organic beef, lamb and pork.  The share pack includes a slab of bacon, breakfast sausage, 2 lbs of ground beef or lamb and some choice grilling steaks (lamb or beef).

Option 3: The Kitchen Sink Total Pack - $100

  • Produce Share Pack, Protein Share, plus our house made Pickles, Okra and Tomato Sauce with 2 jars of seasonings

If you would like to pre-order any of these three options, we will have these items ready for you in a bag or box so you can simply grab and go.  Simply click the sign up link HERE


To learn more about our CSA Farm Share program, click here!

Our farm stand is located at the red barn at Woodside Farms. We accept cash, check, and card. We are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

Click here for delicious recipe ideas & vegetable descriptions!

What will we have?

March 28



Kale, curly (bagged)

Kale, Russian & Siberian (bunched)

Salad Mix


Swiss Chard







Pasture-raised Chicken from Shirefolk Farm

Grass-fed Lamb from Meadowloark Farm 

Grass-fed Beef from Little Meadow Farm

Pasture-raised Pork from Harmony Hill Farm

Woodside Farms Tomato Sauce

Woodside Farms Bread + Butter Pickles

Hot Coffee


Another Saturday, another farm stand! Th