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It's Turkey Time!!

It’s that time of year again: harvest season is upon us. I swear, it feels like as soon as Halloween came and went and daylight savings made us all a little bit sleepier a little bit earlier in the evening, autumn really came to play. Now that we’re firmly into November there are a few November rituals that feel fairly necessary. The fluffy robe is a crucial component to the morning routine, hot coffee stays in my hand or nearby pretty much all day, and it’s time to start thinking turkey!

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it - seriously, just blink and it will be over and done with. And who’s the star of the show? That big ol’ gobbler of a turkey that’s who! Thanksgiving is, at its core, a time of feast and celebration of the past year’s harvest. Pass the green beans and think of all the time and attention that went into growing those beans - all the fights with the deer over those beans, the few times the deer won, the stooping and back-aching harvesting - Mmm! Those beans taste even better when you know their history and what went into t