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It's Turkey Time!!

It’s that time of year again: harvest season is upon us. I swear, it feels like as soon as Halloween came and went and daylight savings made us all a little bit sleepier a little bit earlier in the evening, autumn really came to play. Now that we’re firmly into November there are a few November rituals that feel fairly necessary. The fluffy robe is a crucial component to the morning routine, hot coffee stays in my hand or nearby pretty much all day, and it’s time to start thinking turkey!

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it - seriously, just blink and it will be over and done with. And who’s the star of the show? That big ol’ gobbler of a turkey that’s who! Thanksgiving is, at its core, a time of feast and celebration of the past year’s harvest. Pass the green beans and think of all the time and attention that went into growing those beans - all the fights with the deer over those beans, the few times the deer won, the stooping and back-aching harvesting - Mmm! Those beans taste even better when you know their history and what went into them. This is, of course, the same with the turkey. The turkey, as it is often the ringmaster of the Thanksgiving table, is always best when it is locally grown and cared for.

  1. It’s healthier: Turkeys raised in humane conditions with actual outside time have the ability to graze naturally, the way nature intended. By eating from their natural surroundings rather than a genetically modified supplemental feed, they actually end up providing their hunter (us in this case) with more Omega-3s, which have a higher anti-inflammatory capacity. This is opposed to those turkeys who are raised in large concentrated animal feeding lots that don’t get a chance to see the sunlight and breathe the fresh air. Studies also show that animals that live in high-stress environments tend to have a higher inflammatory impact on those who consume them. Additionally, turkeys raised certified naturally and/or organically will have access to feed that isn’t filled with antibiotics or pesticides both of which are harmful to the birds, the environment, and our health.

  2. It’s supporting your local economy: You probably know this by now, but buying food from local growers keeps money flowing in your local community. It helps support your local farmers rather than big mega-marts and large corporations who have nothing to do with your community. It also helps cut back on waste in production and delivery!

  3. It’s tastier: Farm fresh, locally-raised turkey really does taste so much better than a mega-mart bird you know nothing about. Knowing the care and attention that went into raising your bird as well as all the creepy chemicals (like injected preservatives and extra salts) that did not really make this Thanksgiving treat taste so much better.

This year we are getting our turkeys from All Good Acres in Beaverdam, VA and we’re currently accepting pre-orders for Turkeys. There is a limited number available, so reserve yours today! You can pay at the Farm Stand when you pick up your weekly produce!

Turkeys will be between 12 - 22 lbs on average. While you can request a weight, it’s sort of up to nature to determine how big these birds will get between now and Thanksgiving. Like the chicken and beef we get from All Good Acres, these turkeys are pasture-raised and treated with love and respect their entire lives. We expect them to be just as tasty as the chicken!

Per pound, each turkey will be about $5.50 - $6.00, which is about average for high quality organic/naturally raised poultry products. A 12-pound turkey will cost ~ $65.00, whereas a big ole turkey will cost upwards of $105 - $115

Deposits are $50 to reserve a bird and the balance is paid when you pick up sometime between 11/20 - 11/23 (we will have actual dates closer to the holiday).

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