Surviving Holiday Feasts

The holidays are a time of warmth and re-connection with family members and old friends. Yet for many of us, lurking behind a table set with all the trimmings is the nagging feeling of holiday food guilt. We have all heard and maybe used the phrase “holiday weight” to describe the month and a half long food coma feeling we inflict upon ourselves between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. It’s this odd mixture of obligation eating, indulgent eating, and guilt eating - and we do it every year! I don’t typically eat a heavy meal with cheese-based appetizers, several types of potato casseroles, and pie (at least two types, if I’m being honest) on a normal day. But being home with all of my extended family is special, and I usually feel pretty prepared to go into mashed potato battle as I don my stretchiest pants. However, sometimes the merriment is surpassed by our attention given to the “good” and “bad” qualifiers we’ve given our food and our eating behaviors. This can distract us from the true purpose of the holidays and keep us from allowing ourselves the ability to really enjoy our time with loved ones.