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The Good, The Bad and The Bug-ly

Here we go, into the thick of bug and pest season. With every swish past a fresh young brassica plant or perusal through a cucumber row we see them everywhere - bugs and bug evidence. It’s no wonder they also want a bite or two out of our beautiful Woodside produce. And since we all know by now that the use of chemical pesticides does more harm than good, we look to all-natural ways to deal with these pests, especially since we’re Certified Naturally Grown. There are plenty of anti-bug approaches to take and many of them are best when employed together. Let’s take a look at a few of Woodside’s favorite!

Each approach to pest maintenance has its pros and cons. And most will often work for one type of pest but not for others. So much of natural pest maintenance is understanding the pest and the crop.

  1. Row cover - If you’ve ever walked through our different gardens, or even just driven past the farm, I’m sure you’ve seen lots of row cover. This can be used for many reasons. In the winter, you’ll see a lot of row cover being used mostly to protect our precious plants from frost damage. However, now that the temps are safely above freezing for the foreseeable future, there are still quite a few beds with row cover. This is