Cabbettes (Baby Head Cabbage)

Cabbettes (Baby Head Cabbage)


$2 per pound (1-3 = 1 pound)


Cabbage is the perfect winter storage food! Versatile as the dickens, cabbage is also an amazingly healthy food. It’s known for being high in vitamin C and K (both needed for healthy immune function), gut-healthy due to its high fiber content (which also makes it very filling), heart-healthy, and beneficial for lowering blood pressure. While the winter chugs along, dipping below freezing, our cabbages have slowed down their growth and have consolidated their flavor to smaller leaves, which we are calling cabbettes! 


PRE-ORDER PRODUCE PICK-UP DIRECTIONS: The produce bags will be packed and waiting for you in the walk-in cooler in the Farm's processing shed. This shed is located uphill from the Red Barn, behind the Stone House and adjacent to the "Pick Your Own" garden. You will have to walk through the shed and open the cooler door with the Creambrook milk signup sheet on it.

We will be around to help on Wednesdays 3-5pm! If you need help, text Blair at 434-258-7780

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