Escarole, with its wide and wavy green leaves, is hands-down the best green for soups. Part of the chicory family, it may look like your average lettuce head, but is so much more. It’s part of a group of greens that tend to be on more of the bitter side. Yet, while escarole does have a sharpness to it, it’s much less bitter than your average radicchio, which lands it in the perfect flavor profile for soups! $3 per head


PRE-ORDER PRODUCE PICK-UP DIRECTIONS: The produce bags will be packed and waiting for you in the walk-in cooler in the Farm's processing shed. This shed is located uphill from the Red Barn, behind the Stone House and adjacent to the "Pick Your Own" garden. You will have to walk through the shed and open the cooler door with the Creambrook milk signup sheet on it.

We will be around to help on Wednesdays 3-5pm! If you need help, text Blair at 434-258-7780

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