Thursday, May 9



Laughter Yoga is a cardio workout combining simple laughter exercises with yogic breathing, bringing more oxygen to the body & brain and making you feel energetic & healthy. Just 10 minutes of hearty laughter is equal to 30 minutes on the rowing machine! Laughter Yoga can improve your immune system, improve blood circulation, control blood sugar, keep your heart healthy, improve your focus, reduce pain, increase lung capacity, and recharge your metabolism. In addition, Laughter Yoga is a powerful weapon against anxiety, depression, isolation, grief, loneliness, and stress.

Laughter Yoga - 5/9

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  • Taught by Beth Boston, of Hanover Nutrition and Wellness

    No yoga experience required!

    Please dress in comfortable clothes, bring a water bottle, and something to lay on the floor with (yoga mat, blanket, cushion, or thick towel). Option to sit on a chair if mobility is an issue.

  • No returns or refunds unless the class is cancelled.