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Who Invented Homework? Top 10 Important Facts for Students

Roberto Nevelis, an Italian gentleman, invented homework. Since its inception, students have always had contrasting opinions about homework and how students should do it. While some prefer to do it themselves, many students prefer to hire homework helper to complete their tasks. Irrespective of your opinions, homework is a mandate in most educational institutions. So, here are ten important homework facts that teachers and students must know –

Facts for Teachers –

  • There is not enough evidence about the usefulness of homework

The practice of home-tasking students with homework has been practiced for ages. It has become a habit, and teachers convince themselves it benefits students. But the truth is that no conclusive evidence proves the same. Students can always hire a top homework helper and complete their homework, thus making the whole process meaningless.

  • Students always find a way to evade homework

This is no secret that students can always find ways to avoid doing homework. There are several homework writers who provide homework help online at affordable rates. Even the professors know about such practices. Yet they task them with homework just because of the college rules.

  • Homework increase stress

A study by Stanford University proved that 56% of students get stressed because of homework. They feel pressured by the size of the assignments and the fear of getting assessed before their peers.

  • It is detrimental to their social life

If students spend all the time after school doing homework, they get no time to engage with their hobbies or friends. They gradually feel isolated and become demotivated quickly.

  • It causes burnout in students

It is very stressful to do homework after spending eight to nine hours in school. As a result, they get burnout and become physically and mentally incapable of doing assignments. Eventually, they get top homework helpers from online sites to deliver their tasks.

Facts for Students –

  • Essays are not hard to write

Whenever students are tasked with assignments, they feel trapped. They lack the confidence to write them themselves and search for do my homework services to write it for them. However, doing homework can help them get better. Hence, they will feel more confident about writing one.

  • Students also have a say

The education system puts the students in a situation that makes homework an obligation. Most students get rebellious after a point of time and start disobeying their teachers. If students are also asked about their problems and wishes, they will pay more attention and cooperate.

  • Homework helps to improve time management

Time is something that most students don’t get. They get too busy with their other commitments like classrooms, tuition, labs, and extracurricular activities. Hence, they run out of time. But if you practice doing homework every day, you will learn to manage time more efficiently without looking for any best homework helpers.

  • Homework won’t go away

No matter how much we debate about its importance, we know that homework won’t stop existing overnight. So, it’s better to embrace and learn than push it away.

  • Homework can replace part of the studying

If students do homework regularly, it reduces the time they need to prepare for the tests. So, homework can replace the extra effort students give before the exams.

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