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Assistant Field Manager

About The Position:

Join our farm team and work directly with the current Field Manager on all essential managerial and implementation tasks related to the day-to-day obligations as well as the seasonal obligations of a diverse, working produce farm.  As Assistant Field Manager, you will be responsible for soil health, plant health, and harvesting throughout the year.  We are looking for someone with existing farm experience, ideally having worked on a comparable, diverse produce farm.  However, we are also able to provide training and guidance for the right candidate who shares a passion for quality food and ecological stewardship, but may not have explicit farm management experience.  



  • Field Task Implementation (50%) - execute daily, weekly, and seasonal tasks under the direction of the Field Manager, including, but not limited to, bed preparation, planting, seeding, nutrient management, pest management, field systems management, and irrigation  


  • Harvesting (25%) - daily harvest of produce throughout the season​

  • Volunteer Management (15%) - work with volunteers and work share members to execute daily and weekly tasks 


  • Cross-Departmental Tasks (10%) - work with other managers and departments on appropriate projects as needed throughout the year


As part of this job, you are expected to:

  1. Work for extended periods of time in all weather conditions (hot, cold, rain, wind, storms, etc); being capable of lifting 60# or more and be on your feet, hands, and knees crawling, hunched or squatted position for extended periods of time is essential.

  2. Follow daily, weekly, seasonal, and annual calendars, laying out essential/mandatory tasks and guidance related to field conditions and expectations.  

  3. Learn and execute a variety of tasks including working with a variety of hand tools, power tools, heavy equipment, etc (bed shaping, weeding, planting, thinning, etc)

  4. Learn and execute a variety of processes  (installing season extension systems including shade, heat retention, etc., managing irrigation systems, and installing drip tape)

  5. Learn and execute daily harvest goals of rotating varieties of produce throughout the year, ensuring produce arrives at the processing area in prime condition. 

  6. Manage volunteers, workshare participants, and other employees to collectively execute daily and weekly tasks.  


Hours are Monday - Friday with some weekend work required.  Hourly Pay commensurate with experience with Overtime Potential under certain circumstances (starting hourly rate is $17 / hour).  This position will transition to full-time with benefits Field Manager position by the end of 2023, so anyone with experience seeking to manage a well-established farm should consider this position!  


Start Date - March 1, 2023

If interested, email your resume and cover letter to

Responsibilities of the Role:

Expectations of the Role:

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