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Wine Toast

Woodside Farms
Weekly Meals 

Weekly Prepared Meals (Facebook Event Cover).png

The following menu is for pick-up on

Friday, April 1st, 2023

Ordering from the menu will close Monday, March 27th at 2PM

Pick-Up in the Farm Stand

*These images are stock photos and are not photos of the actual meals. They're simply representative of the meals available for order.



Meal Option 1:

Appetizer: Tossed Salad,

Entree: Gluten-Free Version: Rice Floured Golden Chicken Parmesan, Fresh Asparagus, and Baby Carrots

Meal Option 2:

Appetizer: Tossed Salad

Entree: Golden Chicken Parmesan, Linguini, Fresh Asparagus, Garlic Baguette

Meal Option 3:

Appetizer: Tossed Salad

Entree: Tender Pot Roast with Red Potatoes, Baby Carrots, Onions in Red Wine Brown Sauce

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