Woodside Wellness Chats

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We are pleased to introduce to you Woodside Wellness Chats at the barn. 

This programming is intended to provide meaningful and educational opportunities for the greater Hanover community.  Through the Woodside Wellness Chats, guests will be exposed to varying speakers on a variety of topics. All chats are free and include a cocktail reception with the speaker.  The chats run every second Monday of the month from 5-7pm.  Seating is limited and you must be registered to attend.  Be sure to sign up below to reserve your spot today! 

Past Event - Next Date Coming Soon!

"Digestion & Gut Health"

We’ve always been told that we are what we eat, but it’s not quite that simple! Learn how the health of your digestive system is really the key to overall wellness. Even if you don’t have obvious digestive symptoms, understanding proper function and potential dysfunction in the GI tract can help you take your health to the next level.

Sara Fields Nutrition and Wellness

This event is FREE but seating is limited to 40 guests. Please use this sign-up link to reserve your spot.

There will be a cocktail reception following the speaker.

Past Speakers


"Gut Health"

Sara Fields, Sara Fields Nutrition & Wellness

"Truths & Myths of Cancer”

Dr. Mary Helen Hackney, Medical Director of Community Oncology

“Setting Your Financial Wellness for the Future "

Alexis Grason, Senior Financial Advisor

"Got Pain?"

Dr. David Bass, PT. DPT