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Farm Membership

Join the Farm Community!

Farm Shares are now available for purchase.

Find out how to purchase your farm share below.


What is a
Farm Share?


 We invite you to participate in our buyer's program by pre-paying for your produce up-front, Pre-paying and opening an account helps the farm better prepare for the produce needs of its community.  


This new streamlined way of shopping allows you to shop throughout the week and throughout the season, with no restrictions on the days you shop or the seasons you decide to use your share dollars. You can start shopping as soon as you sign up since there's no season start date or end date. This is a completely flexible program!  The more you pre-purchase, the bigger the discount!


$250 to open an account, which comes with a one time 25$ credit (per 250$ spent), and a 5% discount on all market items!

100$ minimum to reload your account once its been created.

Shop local, on your schedule, at a discount!

This system is also easily renewable and upgradeable. Not ready to commit yet? That's okay,  non-members can still shop at our market at full price.

HOW DO YOU BUY a new Farm Share?

Click here to purchase a 2024 Farm Share
Come to the Woodside Market during our business hours to reload your existing account and we will be happy to assist you!
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