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Landscape Manager

About The Position:

This job description details an individual who would be responsible for managing all aspects of landscape installations, exclusive of any maintenance-related work.  This position is primarily focused on streamlining in-house contracts generated by Cornerstone Homes and Crescent Group while aiming to increase the volume of all 3rd Party Homeowner and Outside Community contracts.  This Individual would have 3 years of experience as a foreman on a landscape crew, overseeing installation-specific projects (versus maintenance projects), or potentially have formerly owned or operated a landscape service.  This position would assume all aspects of existing and potential landscape contracts, including, but not limited to:

  • In-House Contract Management - work closely with Cornerstone and Crescent Group managers/supervisors to assess all landscape project potential within the community, providing competitive in-house bids as appropriate, but additionally serving as a gauge of potential cost and effectiveness of projects 

    • Landscape Installation - foundation installs, street tree installs, site finish grading, etc.

    • Hardscape and Amenity Features - trails, paths, common space landscape installations, patios, and retaining walls

    • Bridges/Kiosks/Carpentry Projects - footbridges, mailbox kiosks, furniture assembly, pavilions, etc

    • Site Work/Compliance Work - light grading, drainage repairs, trenching, S&EC Support

  • Homeowner Contract Management - developing relations with homeowners for all types of landscape improvement services, including estimates, bids, project planning, and implementation. 

  • Outside Contract Management - developing relations with outside potential landscape clients (commercial, residential, institutional) to augment landscape revenues; including site visits, estimates, bids, project planning, and implementation. 

  • Project Planning and Scheduling - for all approved/awarded contracts, this individual manages all aspects of project planning, including material procurement, equipment procurement, scheduling, client communication, site operations/oversight, task assignment, and project wrap-up.

  • Material and Supply Management - ensuring that all necessary materials, tools, operating supplies, safety gear, etc. are available for each approved project.

  • Project Management and Support - this is a working manager position; this individual is expected to support in all potential aspects of contract deliverables, including site prep, site work, machinery operation, material procurement, plant material installation, etc. 

  • Invoicing/Billing/Work Orders - for all approved/awarded contracts, this individual manages all invoicing, purchase orders, and back-end financial monitoring on a project-by-project basis. 

  • Employee Management - responsible for all aspects of employee management, including scheduling, training, project communication, etc.  Works with Field Manager/Farm Team and Maintenance Team (if applicable) to maximize shared materials and labor potential.  

  • Additional Admin Responsibilities - This individual is responsible for all related administrative duties derived from landscape contracts, including project assessment post-project completion, inventory of supplies and materials, maintaining vendor contracts for hard goods and other supplies, ensuring all equipment and tools are accessible and functioning, etc. 


Proposed Salary - $36,000 - $48,000+ depending on experience; potential for commission and performance incentives based on generation of new work from homeowners and outside contracts.  


Start Date - March 1, April 1  

If interested, please send your resume and cover letter to

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