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Who We Are

About Woodside Farms

In 1870, people from all over greater Richmond came to this very land to pick the sweetest pears and cherries in Hanover County. Today, not only are we returning to our roots with the establishment of Woodside Farms, we’re branching out in new directions. Fresh vegetables. Herbs. Flowers. Fresh foods prized for their health and wellness benefits. Plus the ultimate gathering place—The Barn, featuring a professional demonstration kitchen perfect for hosting private parties and catered events. Welcome to the heart and soil of Hanover County. This is Woodside Farms.

We are proud to be growing for our Chickahominy Falls community and surrounding areas. 


Click here to learn more about Richmond's first and only 55+ farm community, Chickahominy Falls.

Our Growing Practices

At Woodside Farms we work in conjunction with nature, utilizing farming methods such as, cover cropping, integrated pest management, inter-planting, composting, etc. These methods are the foundation of our farm.  By mimicking the natural state from which our crops originated, we are able to grow without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides.   We believe that it is essential to feed our community safe and nutritious fruits & vegetables. 

Meet Our Team


Sean is originally from the Eastern Shore of Virginia. He now has his own farm (they have Ducks there!) in Richmond, where there is a hubbub of energy every day. Pinwheel Farms actually has their chickens rotating out there too! Sean’s a great cook and is always coming up with delicious ways to prepare produce from Woodside Farms. When he’s not here fixing everything, he’s somehow also working in a million other places fixing everything there. It’s such a relief when you see his giant white truck pulling into the farm every day. He also has his own landscaping business called Backyard Farmer


Blair Doucette is our Workshare Manager, Events Coordinator, Marketing Manager, and in-house Holistic Nutritionist. In her nutrition practice, Little Sweet Nutrition, she uses food as functional medicine to treat and prevent chronic illnesses. She received her Master's in Nutrition with a focus in organic agriculture and medicinal herbs from the National University of Natural Medicine in 2018. Her focus is on quality sourced ingredients that are close to the land. With the idea that food should always be celebrated, she works with clients to find ways to fully enjoy food for all its flavors and health benefits.

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