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Farm Blocks

Join the crew at Woodside Farms!

Have you wondered what it really takes to get food on your plate?

Find out by working in our gardens this growing season in exchange for farm stand credit ($$), knowledge about chemical-free and sustainable growing practices, dirt therapy, and a growing community. This program is perfect for anyone who is curious about small-farm life, working out outside, getting a little dirty, and eating delicious sun-ripe food. Sound like anyone you know? We even have programs designed for individuals who are interested in eventually working towards paid shifts on the farm.


Commit to working 4-hour shifts on a schedule that fits yours and you will be a part of a working, eco-friendly farm.


We have morning shifts, for those early risers, that start at 8 am and end at noon. We also have afternoon shifts that start at 1 pm and go until 5 pm. This year we'll be offering shifts Monday - Friday to provide for more growing opportunities. 

So, how does this work? You become a work share member by signing up for Farm Blocks. Farm Blocks are the 4-hour shifts we offer every day to anybody who would like to work (and who has completed an orientation) in exchange for Farm Shares ($25 towards anything in our farm stands). That means your hard work will go towards the freshest and most local veggies, proteins, eggs, and other local goodies. 

The Details

Sign up for as many or as few blocks that fit your schedule while making friends and working outside! Our typical weekly schedule looks like:

Theme: Build (prep beds, maintain paths, take out beds)

AM: Take out and Prep Beds

PM: Maintain Paths and Compost

Skills Required: Endurance and Fitness



To sign up all you need to do is download the 2023 farm block contract, sign it, and email it to 

From there, we'll schedule a time that works best for a 1.5-hour tour and working orientation. Once you have completed your orientation, you will be given access to our schedule and you can sign up for any and all shifts that you would like! 


We are often asked if Workshare members can bring or send their children. We have tried this at various times through the years, but have come to the conclusion that for reasons of safety, security, and liability, we need to limit this program to individuals 16 and up.