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Landscape Services Director

About The Position:

This job description details an individual who manages upper-level decisions on all facets related to landscape services, including Landscape Installations, Lawn Maintenance, and Nursery/Plant Material Services.  Under this assumption, this individual has an extensive landscape background, both on the ground and on the back end.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Process Knowledge - knows how to properly layout projects, place plants, install plants, install hardscape, basic outdoor carpentry (fences, bridges, etc), machinery, etc.

  • Estimation and Bidding - knows how to interact with clients to determine the scope of work and translate the scope to an accurate budget for materials, labor, and overhead; includes basic design and drawing skills.

  • Plant Material Knowledge - knows plant material by type/species/placement

  • Machinery - knows how to operate a wide range of equipment, as well as basic maintenance/troubleshooting.

  • Crew Management - experience managing multiple crews to ensure timely and proper execution of all jobs, including scheduling and communicating demands of projects. 

  • Admin Experience - familiar with basic administrative duties, including client communication, project documentation and management, budgeting, managing material and overhead expenses to maximize profit margins, etc. Includes procurement of new work through existing or created network of potential customers.

The primary requirements of this job would be as follows:

  • Contract Procurement and Management - for all potential customers, this individual handles all inquiries for new and existing work, including design, estimation, and contract management

    • Cornerstone/Crescent Group - works with site supervisors and admin to accurately design and bid projects, manages back-end contract details, billing, etc. 

    • 3rd Party Residential and Commercial Clients - within the community, handles all site visits and estimates, correspondence with potential and existing clients, etc; for outside community projects, handles the development of leads, site visits, and estimates, client correspondence 

  • Project Planning and Management - for all projects, handles all material procurement, staging, tool management, and scheduling; handles all internal project assessments; handles all project billing/invoicing

  • Lawn Maintenance Management/Scheduling - in the case that we take on lawn maintenance within Chickahominy Falls, this individual handles all scheduling and deliverables management; handles all communication regarding contract specifics/complaints/etc; ensures timely execution of all contract deliverables (i.e scheduling mulching, fertilizing, mowings, etc.) 

  • Plant Material Management - translates all plant material demand on a quarterly and annual basis into purchase orders for plant materials; develops a network of material providers/nurseries to purchase the highest quality, lowest price bulk material as needed; strategizes in-house propagation of key plant material as needed; ensures proper maintenance of all on-site plant material. 

  • Equipment Maintenance - ensures all equipment for landscape and farm is properly maintained, performing essential basic tasks in-house (i.e oil change, filter change, cleaning, etc) and coordinates with the mobile mechanic or shop mechanic for all other services as needed; ensures proper plan of preventive maintenance is always on-schedule 

  • Training - provides essential basic training to all employees as needed

  • Admin - handles all personnel scheduling, contract billing, invoicing, project assessments, budgeting, etc. on a weekly, quarterly, and annual basis; coordinates as needed with Field Manager / Farm Operations to maximize material and labor utility

  • Project Implementation - provides as-needed ground support for all projects; ensures every project is set up and monitored at all stages of the process; provides oversight, guidance, and support for all aspects of each project in coordination with foreman/ground crew 


Proposed Salary - $44,000 - $65,000+ depending on experience ; potential for commission/referral incentive based on 3rd party revenue generation 


Start Date - March 1

If interested, please send your resume and cover letter to

The Requirements:

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