Work Share

Join the crew at Woodside Farms!

Work Share has ended for the 2022 season. But check back in the new year for updates on the 2023 season.

Have you wondered what it really takes to get food on your plate?

Find out by working in our gardens this growing season in exchange for a $25 farm credit, knowledge about chemical-free and sustainable growing practices, dirt therapy, and a growing community.


Commit to working 4 hours a week for 6 weeks at a time and you will be a part of a working, eco-friendly farm

Our growing season this year will be broken up into 4 six-week blocks, each with its own seasonally appropriate focus. This allows all of our work share members to sign up for as many six-week blocks as they’d like to, without having to commit to the entire 24-week experience. On the other hand, if Woodside is your favorite place to be, you’re more than welcome to sign up for all 4 six-week blocks. Once you decide which block of weeks works best for you you’ll need to decide which day of the week works best as well. Work share runs Tuesdays - Fridays and our days will start at 8 am, meeting under our white pavilion, ready to work until noon. In the past, we worked 5 hour days with a 15-minute coffee break somewhere in the middle. This year, we’ll be working 4 hour days with no structured coffee break but coffee will always be provided as liquid motivation throughout the whole morning and you’re welcome to grab a snack and bathroom break whenever works for you! After your 4 hours of work, we’ll hand out $25 gift certificates to be used weekly at our farm stands. 


So 4 hours of work a day, just 1 day a week gets you $25 worth of fresh produce for 6 weeks in a row (up to 24 weeks total)! 

In exchange for your work, you will receive:

•    One $25 credit to our weekly farm stands
•    A hot cup of coffee from a local roastery
•    A fulfilling and educational experience, knowing you are feeding your community!
•    Woodside Farms t-shirt at the end of the season
•    5% discount on all other products we offer during the season

Work Share 2022 Time Block (2).png

This sounds great, how do I sign up?

Just download our 2022 Work Share contract and fill it out and either email it to Blair at bdoucette@woodsidefarms.net or snail mail it to:

10455 Cedar Lane 

Glen Allen, VA 23509 

Don’t forget to mention your 1st and 2nd choice for workdays (Tuesday - Friday) and blocks that you’re interested in and she’ll confirm with you to get you scheduled for an orientation date.

However, let’s say you love Woodside so much and enjoy all the benefits that dirt therapy has to offer but your schedule is crazy and you’re here, there, and everywhere. That’s okay, we want to create an opportunity for anyone and everyone who wants to be on the farm to get that chance. Another option is our volunteer program. We meet up every Friday during the growing season under the white pavilion and work on a myriad of projects from 9 am-noon. There’s no commitment with this option - you can show up and leave as your schedule permits - but we also know that we have some insanely loyal volunteers and we'd like to thank them by rewarding our Premier Volunteers with a $15 gift certificate for completing four 3-hour volunteer shifts. After you sign in for your volunteer hours, we’ll keep track of your shifts and upon completion of your 4th shift, we’ll hand out certificates to be redeemed at our farm stands. 


Orientation is required for all new work share participants (not volunteers) This is completed simply by emailing Blair at bdoucette@woodsidefarms.net and scheduling to attend a full 3-hour Friday volunteer shift any Friday before your 6-week block begins. You only need to attend one orientation if you’re new to the program, regardless of how many blocks you sign up for. If a Friday doesn’t work for you, email Blair and we’ll schedule a different time to come out to the farm for a similar orientation experience. Plan on being dressed for all types of weather and make sure to bring water and a snack if you’d like one.