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Eating Seasonally This Spring

As we all begin to emerge from our restful winter hibernation, we can find little reminders of the active energy of Spring everywhere: the smell of mint as we walk through tall grasses, the rapid daily growth of spring peas, fast-moving storms that bring quick rains (or snow if we look at last week!). Spring energy is here and it’s a time of growth and expansion. Though we may not always realize it, our bodies move with seasonal energy - think “spring cleaning”. This is the time to clean out the cobwebs of last year and start fresh! As the days lengthen, our metabolisms naturally ramp-up and we become more active. This is why it’s important to eat foods that can help support your springtime metabolism as we move more into the longer days of summer.

The first spring greens that we see in our gardens are packed with the fiber and minerals we need to support our digestion and stimulate our metabolisms. These greens tend to be bitter, sour and/or pungent. These flavors work to stimulate our livers and balance blood sugar in order to regulate our metabolisms. Metabolism kickstarters you can find in our garden right now include different salad mixes, arugula, parsley, collards, kale, kale rabe, chives, and many more!

Spring meals should be prepared with the energy of spring in mind:

● quick sautés that allow your food to keep a good crunch

● light steaming

● fresh ingredients

● mixtures of warm and cool items (think cooked quinoa salad with fresh radishes and carrots).