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Enjoy Local Produce!!!

Whether you’re a consistent and organized meal prepper (what’s that like?) or you’re more of a fly by the seat of your pants, whatever’s in your fridge kind of person (guilty), fresh and local is the way to go. You may ask yourself “why head to the farm on a Wednesday night or a Saturday morning for food when there is a Publix down the street?” Well besides seeing our bright and shiny faces there a million reasons why fresh, local produce will always be a better option over any big box store.

But I’ll list just a few here:

  • Fresher: Our produce at Woodside is always picked at peak freshness and brought in, only when we need it. There’s no long delay or extended travel time. We’re not shipping our spinach or strawberries in from California in a big truck. We’re definitely not harvesting produce while under-ripe, only to artificially ripen it with a chemical called 2-chloroethylphosphonic acid (which is used on most produce items to speed up their ripeness). Produce doesn’t have to be Frankenstein scie