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February Heart Health

February, among many other things, is American Heart Month. And while I could astonish you with several heart-health-related statistics that may alarm and unsettle you, I think we may already have enough in this world that is alarming and unsettling right now. But really, it’s scary - protect your heart. This bit of (non-)advice is always important, but even more so this year. This, the year where many of us may have turned to not-so-healthy vices to get through the monotony of a global pandemic. The good news is that heart disease is, for the most part, preventable as well as treatable if caught early enough. In fact, extra good news: there are many effective, natural solutions out there that you can try before needing medication. Naturopathic doctors are trained to treat the whole person. They look at the environmental, emotional, behavioral, and genetic factors to their patients’ health concerns. And while each health plan is specific to each individual, naturopaths look at many key specific factors when preventing and treating heart disease. Below is a quick list of naturopath-approved heart-healthy tips you can implement today into your daily routine.