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Fire Cider

Unfortunately, as the autumn season marches on and we slowly creep into winter, we may find it more and more difficult to avoid coming into contact with everyday toxins. As we spend more time indoors, our incidence of exposure to certain chemical products tends to increase (think petroleum-based lotions, household cleaners, and other environmental pollutants from non-organic produce). Even if we were able to avoid all possible pollutants, our bodies still tend to become overburdened quite easily in the fall and winter months. This is why it’s so important to give your body an extra boost here and there to help it rid itself of these toxins. Fire cider is an easy detox drink you can make at home and keep on hand to help usher out everyday toxins that cause you to feel bloated, sluggish, and worn down. It contains:

- Apple cider vinegar (the natural medicine world’s liquid gold). Apple cider vinegar has been shown to improve your digestive function, kickstart your metabolism, balance blood sugar, AND help cleanse your liver and lymphatic system.