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Health Properties of Lavender

If you were to sit back and close your eyes (don’t this now, just keep reading) while the pleasing scent of lavender wafted into your sunlit room, you would likely feel an instantaneous wave of calm and comfort. Lavender just smells clean. But, the cozy scent of lavender doesn’t just give us the illusion of cleanliness, it actually contains antiseptic properties, which (coupled with its ability to deter bugs) is why it has been used as linen wash for hundreds of years. Beyond smelling clean and looking pretty in your herb garden, lavender is a powerful herbal medicine with an increasing library of research backing its efficacy as a therapeutic intervention for neurological disorders, as well as an effective sedative, and digestive aid.

Lavender is a gentle sedative and can help with mild anxiety (as well as other health concerns that anxiety ushers in such as IBS, depression, etc.) and insomnia. In fact, lavender contains the same active terpene (fancy word for an aromatic compound) as many cannabis strains called linalool (linalool is also found in beer