Herbal Gift Ideas

Early this week, we were given our first glimpse of beautiful autumnal weather. The humidity was relatively low and the mornings were a bit slower. The beginning of this transitional time has planted a seed in my mind that I can’t quite shake: the holidays are coming and for once, I’m actually more excited than stressed. This is because I’ve gotten my family to agree to keep our holiday celebrations small and simple and they’ve all been given fair warning that I’m making all of our gifts (socially distanced evenings and weekends have allowed me to crochet so many ugly hats - all my nieces and nephews will stay toasty this year!). Of course, herbal gifts will take center stage in most of what I’ll be making this year and it’s for this reason that I wanted to share a few of my favorite herbal gift ideas in time for anybody else to feel inspired to make their own as well!