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Holiday Guilt Eating

This time of year we tend to slip into well-worn habits, cycles, and traditions. While this whole year has been the least traditional year I’ve personally every seen, some habits don’t scare so easily. With the long days and heat of the summer, I found myself craving quick, cool foods that would help me keep going for as long as I needed. This often meant lighter meals and very little sugar. I was so proud of myself, thinking I finally kicked that ugly sugar habit to the curb where it belonged. And then it got cold… and dark… and the field slowed down. And I actually found that my body slowed down with it. Now that we’re on the doorstep to the holiday season, I find myself craving warm, dense meals, punctuated with sugary little treats at the end to keep me cozy and motivated. Many of us can relate, I’m sure. Cookies are popping up everywhere, pies are being gifted, and drinks are becoming a little more caloricly dense than they may have been in the summer. It’s easy to fall into an indulgent/shame cycle this time of year. A cycle where we may feel compelled (either by our families, our traditions, or ourselves) to indulge in seasonal treats and then face the emotional whiplash of shame - “I really shouldn’t be eating this.” “I always gain so much weight this time of year.”