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Non-Toxic Cleaning

With the new year, there is often a renewed sense of focus on starting new projects or finishing up old ones. If you’re like me, you often get excited after the new year to declutter the house. It makes sense: you’re packing away your holiday goodies and cleaning up after the family, shelving your heavier holiday recipes for lighter fare. It’s the time of year to stress less by getting rid of the mess. And after you get rid of the mess, it’s time for a nice deep clean. The problem with so many conventional cleaners though is that so many of them are actually way more toxic and harmful than you’d realize. Even some brands that brag about being “natural” or “organic” are even hard to trust as many of these cleaners carefully sneak in dangerous chemicals that are toxic and extremely harmful to both us and the environment. It’s okay if you didn’t know this, it’s so hard to think of something that helps clean as also harmful. And if ditching all your old products for new earth- and human-friendly ones seems difficult or impossible, it’s okay: small steps work too. I hope the following few tips help inspire you to make changes towards living a healthier non-toxic lifestyle!

First, there’s a lot of conflicting information out there on what is safe and what isn’t. It would be nice if we could just read the ingredients list on the back of any product and feel comfortable using it. But unfortunately, there are no federal regulations that require manufacturers to list their ingredients used. Additionally, there are thousands of chemical components out there that are perfectly legal to use but have ne