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Sleep Hygiene: Tips & Tricks for Sleeping Like a Baby

By Blair Doucette, MScN

One of the best side effects of working on the farm this summer, besides the fresh produce, great friends, and getting to spend my whole day outside in the sunshine, was the ability to fall asleep and stay asleep like an angelic little baby for the first time in my adult memory. For as long as I can remember, tossing and turning was my only consistent nighttime routine. I used to be afraid of bedtime when I was little because I knew it meant a long night of staring at my ceiling in frustration of what was ahead of me. It wasn’t until grad school that I ever heard of the term “sleep hygiene.” Sleep hygiene is basically establishing a healthy bedtime routine that is conducive to falling and staying asleep. Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks for maintaining healthy sleep hygiene:

1. Less Screen Time and More Dream Time.