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Using Herbs for Teas

I don’t think my love for medicinal herbs is any secret. Over the last few weeks, the majority of the blogs I wrote have highlighted the medicinal benefits of many different herbs you can find on the farm. This is mostly because I really believe in the power of food as medicine and I love being able to share any information that helps to highlight their benefits. Personally, I love having shelves filled with jars of dried herbs in my kitchen. I feel like I can solve just about any type of body ailment with the right blend of herbs, especially come cold and flu season. I love to use my herbs for fresh iced teas in the summer and for tasty warm teas in the cooler months. One of my favorite ways to store and use herbs for their medicinal properties is by drying them and then making them into a tea.

A food dehydrator is one great method for drying herbs for te