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Valentines Gift Ideas

February has already started off with a bang. I hoped and wished all my little “first star I see tonight” wishes for some snow this winter and we got it! Snow makes everything more beautiful (for the first two days and then it can go away and be warm and sunny again). And with all this snow comes coziness and peace… until you have to go to the store. Then, you see the bread aisle is empty, the milk is gone, AND on top of it all: Valentine’s Day crap just everywhere. Valentine’s Day has always been a difficult one for me. The kindergarten teacher/gift-giving-lover inside of me loves to decorate with all the doilies I can find and gift all the tacky/commercial hoopla there is to gift. But let’s be honest, Valentine’s Day is pretty annoying. It’s corny and sugary, and sometimes can be a lot of pressure. I refuse to gift a box of chocolate on Valentine’s Day (but will NEVER turn one down). Instead, I’ve gifted an alarm clock, a salmon, and a day planner in the past. So I figured, maybe this year it could be a little fun. This year, my gifts for my friends don’t have to be overly gushy, but they also don’t have to look like things your weird uncle would gift you when he totally forgot that it was your birthday. Hopefully, we can let our loved ones know we cherish them every day and don’t need gift boxes to do so. But still, setting aside a special time to be cheesy and sweet probably can’t hurt either. Here’s a little list of things to do/gift that will definitely keep their value longer than a bouquet of Kroger roses.