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What's the Buzz? Woodside Farms Now Has an Apiary!

Woodside Farms now has an apiary! This means that we have bees in our own backyard! Not only is this incredibly beneficial for pollinating our crops, but it’s beneficial for our community members and farm stand shoppers because local bees means local honey! There are so many benefits to having a local source of honey, below are just a few.

Access to local honey means local pollen collected from local plants. This can be helpful in quelling seasonal allergy symptoms through trace exposure to plant allergens.

Additionally, local honey contains a substance called propolis. It’s a resinous substance made by bees by collecting materials from local tree buds. It contains highly anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial components and has been used in traditional medicine to help with anything from acne, bacterial infections, cold sores, diabetes, herpes, influenza, and peptic ulcer disease.

Local, unfiltered and unheated honey also contains quercetin. A powerful anti-inflammatory flavonoid that works to stabilize the cells that release histamine and trigger a cascade of allergic reactions.

Local honey is also unprocessed and pure, which may increase its medicinal efficacy as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent. Commercial honey you get from the grocery store likely follows industrial methods of production and collection, which is very difficult on the bees. It involves transporting the bees in large trucks to several different crops, rarely organic or certified naturally grown, and their diets are usually supplemented with high fructose corn syrup, which is pro-inflammatory.

Honey can also be helpful for healing minor burns and cuts. When used topically, honey is a natural antiseptic. It kills bacteria and disinfects, while the sugar found in honey absorbs moisture, making it impossible for bacteria to thrive. It can also be mixed with milk and applied to alleviate pain and peeling from a sunburn!

We’re so fortunate to have bees living at Woodside Farms. We don’t have honey from our bees just yet, but we’ll make an announcement as soon as we do!

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