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What Makes Woodside Farms a Magical Place to Be?

Nestled in the heart of Hanover County, Woodside Farms is a hive of energy that merges naturally into the pace of life in this neck of the woods. Though we’re located right off of major roadways (I-95 and Highway 1 are both just a scootch away), we have the lovely benefit of slipping back and enjoying a more idyllic experience here on the farm.

Our produce is Certified Naturally Grown in our curated gardens for a farm-to-fork experience. When you come to one of our Farm Stands you get to hand-select the food that you’ll feed to your family, all while seeing exactly where it’s grown and how it’s cared for. Additionally, if you choose to become one of our CSA members, you even get to harvest extra produce on your own from our pick your own garden if you’d like! Use our farm stand as a one-stop-shop! With our collaborative partners, we have more than just produce at the farm stands - we have raw milk provided by Creambrook Farm, pasture-raised and rotated eggs by our in-house egg farmer Andy from Pinwheel Farm, bread from the local La Bella Vita bakery, and meat from All Good Acres, not to mention occasional extra goodies made here by the farmers with farm-grown produce (like our tomato sauce, pickles, pepper jelly, and soups)! It’s amazing when the same land we call home can provide us with the food and nourishment we need to feed and grow our families.

We’re so lucky to be a part of Richmond’s only Agrihood, where we get to grow food for and work side-by-side with our community members, but we’re also a farm for the greater Richmond Area. We’re just a hop up the highway from Richmond, where most of our farmworkers call home, and love being able to work with and supply the community with fresh food and experiences.

We are currently having Wednesday produce pick-ups, which you can pre-order online, while we’re still in our pre-spring season. But soon, we’ll be having farm stands every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning, to which anyone and everyone is welcome!

What can you expect when you come to one of our farm stands?

We have our stands in the heart of the farm, next to our greenhouse, in an open-air pavilion with an up-close view of one of our fields - so you really can see exactly where your food is grown! We also often have food trucks on Wednesday evenings and coffee on Saturday mornings. Why not make a whole day out of it? Pick up your groceries for the week, grab a bite and some coffee, and take a stroll through our gardens - see if you can spot our sneaky farm cats or where the chickens have been rotated to. We love meeting all our greater-Richmond area neighbors so swing by and say hi!

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