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A Little Intro Into the Mediterranean Diet

Have you ever heard of functional medicine? Maybe you have - I’ve mentioned it a few times in past blogs - but it’s basically the concept of using food and herbs for their medicinal properties to prevent illness and perhaps boost the efficacy of pharmaceutical medications or even help you get off pharmaceuticals altogether. In the nutrition world, we often refer to the standard American diet as the SAD diet and I think that’s a bit appropriate. Don’t get me wrong, I can get down with the concept of an all you can eat pizza buffet *brilliant*. But I know better and listen to my body well enough to know that that’s not what it wants or needs. That being said, there’s not a single perfect way to eat. Food is more than just packets of nutrients and I hate to look at it in such a quantitative way. The whole process and affair of creating food and sharing it with loved ones actually impacts how we digest everything and how we reap the nutritional benefits of our food. There are many examples of this and one of my favorite cuisines to model after is the Mediterranean diet. Yes, there is the occasional pizza, no it’s not buffet-style.

The Mediterranean diet is best known for: