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Fall Is the Best Time to Try Out Our Native Plate Series

Autumn is the beginning of a rest period on a farm. The shorter, cooler days lessen our fields’ growing potential and the season’s bounty is stored to enjoy throughout the cooler months. These are the days we gather together as a community to share what we have and eat what the land has given us. Cooking and creating meals with what the land has given us is an art and a celebration of all our hard work. This is why we’re so proud and excited to celebrate this season’s work with the last of our Native Plate series for the year. Chef Devon has worked side-by-side with the rest of the farm crew this whole growing season and has helped plant, care for, and harvest many of the items you’ll see in our Native Plate menus. Inspired by the freshness and the many layers of flavors our produce brings to the table, Chef Devon artistically designs a menu that is both a show of appreciation for food as well as easily replicable in order to share with and impress your own dinner guests.

One of the many benefits of eating in this farm-to-table fashion is that the produce, while picked at the peak of freshness and carried only a few feet from our farm to your supper table, is full of nutrients and bursting with flavor. Not a lot has to be done to create a beautiful medley of flavors, and instead the produce can sing its own praises. At these events, you can sit side-by-side with your neighbors and community members and enjoy what the farm has given us, learn how to recreate it for your own family, and share in a community event that is sure to warm your soul just as much as it warms your plate.