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Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Here we are, mid-January and I don’t feel too dramatic when I say I’M SO TIRED. The short window of winter daylight hours along with the lack of raw, fresh foods has made me feel like a winter robe-zombie and I’m not exactly loving it. I love the long summer days, working outside, and staying so busy that I can’t wait to fall (more like completely crash) asleep. But we’re human animals and as human animals, we also need to follow the rhythms set by nature.

Winter is a natural timeout. We can’t keep going and going, driving on empty. We need to stop and refuel. While I understand and respect this, I still hate it. And this year has proven to be even more difficult. As a person who identifies as *slightly* more extrovert during a global pandemic in the middle of the winter, I’m struggling. However, I’m learning to take shelter in the knowledge that every chapter has a reason: we learn, we grow, and we recharge. That, and the mantra that many of us are living by these days “THIS WILL ALL BE OVER SOMEDAY.