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The Benefits of Music and Food

Celebrate the coming season at Woodside Farms' Pop-Up Market!

Have you missed getting a bit of mud on your boots as well as a good farm-style breakfast in your belly? Well, the farm has missed welcoming everyone to its garden gates throughout the winter too! A farm isn’t much without its community. That’s why we’re so excited to invite you all back to our first pop-up market of the season. We’ll have not only fresh Woodside Farms produce for sale, but also other local vendors, live music, and a hot and fresh breakfast buffet plumped up to perfection with the addition of a bottomless mimosa. Check out our webpage for more info and to purchase your tickets here!

Being around friends and neighbors again will be a good time no matter what. But did you know that listening to music while you brunch, especially live music, may actually have health benefits? Music is the key element to creating an enjoyable atmosphere. This is why music and food can go hand-in-hand. Music creates the energy that creates an atmosphere, and the proper atmosphere can really develop the flavor of food. Additionally, digestion becomes heavy and slow when we’re in a stressed state. And as we now know, slow digestion is the precursor to so SO many health ailments. When we’re in a relaxed state, our parasympathetic nervous system takes over. This is the system within our bodies that is in control of our “rest and digest” state. It stimulates the stomach, pancreas, intestines, and bile production - all of which are major players in healthy digestion. And with healthy digestion, comes better nutrient absorption! Additionally, when we’re in a calm state, we can pay attention to our food and eating practices better. This means we eat slower and with more intention - noticing our body’s cues for indicating fullness or intolerance to certain meal items.

Other health benefits of listening to live music include feelings of well-being, self-worth, and closeness to others. A study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease found that listening to music can have increased benefits specifically for older adults. These benefits range from a reduction in overall stress levels to better sleep and a more positive mood. Patients with Parkinson’s Disease have also shown improvements in their ability to speak, swallow, and manage their breath control when singing along to their favorite songs. Young listeners also benefit from enjoyable music. Premature infants often listen to singing as part of their therapy and students who listen to classical music while completing their school work tend to get higher grades. So the benefits are there for all to enjoy!

If you’re ready to enjoy some of these music-based health benefits at The Barn again, join us this coming Saturday, March 5th from 10 am-1 pm for live music, hot and delicious food, local vendors, and an overall great time! We’re so excited to see you there!


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