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Winter Self-Care

Has there ever been a week in the history of weeks that felt more winter-like than this past week? I mean, sure... probably, but this week felt exceptionally relentless, snowbound, and severe. However, a healthy dose of perspective is always necessary: it could have been so much worse. We’re incredibly lucky here in the part of the commonwealth where the rolling Piedmont meets the gentle Coastal region to keep us fairly protected from harsh weather. However, our beloved environment couldn’t protect us from this enormous blimp of a winter storm and all its nasty slush that fell from the sky. I found myself wearing 3 pairs of socks, 3 shirts, and 2 pairs of sweatpants every day this week. Occasionally, I’d catch a glimpse of my reflection as I’d pass by the bathroom mirror on my way back to my troll’s den (with snacks in hand) where I had a heated blanket to keep me warm. Those few nanoseconds where I allowed myself to look at what winter has done to me were like a spotlight of reality. I need to get back on the self-care train that seems to have left the station for most of the winter. Why have I done this? I don’t know. Winter is the best time of all for self-care. Below are a few of my favorite self-care activities for the wintertime in all its dim, quiet solitude.

Deep clean: One of the best benefits of self-care is the reclaimed grasp on a bit of control in your day-to-day. When there are things in our lives that we can’t control (like the dark abyss of a cold and dreary winter), we often tend to feel emotionally abandoned and slightly unsteady. How can we take back some control when our routines are crumbling around us? Give it a deep clean. Now, this might be where I’m turning into my mother, inheriting her neuroses, but oh man does it feel good to deep clean the parts of the house that I’ve neglected all winter long. This can also include decluttering your closet, pantry, cabinets, etc. Going through and intentionally facing and organizing the bits and bobs we see every day but rarely pay attention to can bring us back to reality and create a grounding feeling where we feel back in control. Make sure though that you’re using natural cleaning products, as conventional household products are often more toxic than the dirt and grime they’re cleaning.