Woodside Farms Partners

Saturdays now have a new rhythm as we swing into spring. Every Saturday from 9 am-noon, we’ll be having our farm stands outside, under the white pavilion, chockablock full of Woodside Farms-grown produce (check out our previous blog to find out more about our farm stands). But that’s not all we have going on here at the farm! Woodside also partners with other local, organic, and naturally grown farms and vendors, carefully selected to bring the best of central Virginia to your table to nourish you and your family.

Creambrook Farm Milk: Nestled in the hills of Middlebrook, VA, Creambrook Farm is a family-run operation. Ben & Kristen Beichler, together with their 3 small children, work, run, and care for the cows and land. They offer 100% grass-fed, Jersey raw milk herd shares to families throughout the Valley and Central VA and offer events and tours throughout the year. They even have milk-fed pigs there! You better believe I’m gonna make a trip out there to tour the farm (meet the baby pigs and cows). If you’re interested in joining their grass-fed raw milk share check out their website and choose Woodside Farms as your pickup spot!