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Earth Day at Woodside Farms

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

April is Earth Month, and hanging out at Woodside Farms on Earth Day is a (biode)GREAT(able) way to celebrate!

Why is Earth Day important?

For over 50 years, Earth Day has helped to bring much-needed attention to our largest, yet most fragile home, planet Earth. Over the decades, Earth Day celebrations have brought hundreds of millions of people into fighting for environmental justice, spanning 193 countries. Starting in 1970, the first-ever Earth Day celebration was attended by over 20 million participants across the United States and garnered support for the Clean Air Act, which works to help protect our families from a number of harmful pollutants that can cause asthma and lung disease – especially in children. Today, the Earth Day Network supports all that Earth Day represents year-round with a mission to help all people regardless of race, gender, income, or geography to the human right to a healthy and sustainable environment. From its first celebration back in 1970 to now, Earth Day has created an immense impact. While being celebrated in countries all over the world, Earth Day events bring together more than 1 billion participants every year and help mobilize communities to help all citizens become active members in the effort to help our Earth. Celebrating Earth Day is a great way to pause, reflect, and show Mother Earth a little TLC.

What to Expect at Woodside Farms' Earth Day

Spend your Earth Day with Woodside Farms and stroll the fields where we grow the tastiest local produce. We'll also be enjoying the musical talents of Chickahominy resident Jeff Hulewicz as he plays some favorite jams for us to kick up our dancing boots. Check out our new and improved Woodside Market as it celebrates its Grand Opening during the Earth Day festivities and pick up something local and tasty for your family. Curious about how we're related to the Chickahominy Falls community? Come tour their model homes and amenities. While you're here, stop by The Barn. It's the perfect rental spot to celebrate life's biggest moments. Our Earth Day celebration is for the whole family to enjoy, so bring the kids and spread out a blanket. We'll have Earth-friendly games for the whole family to enjoy as well as a Granola Parfait Bar with all the fixins.

An idea of what you'll be able to expect at our Earth Day Market: We'll have seasonal produce grown here at Woodside as well as additional items grown by other local farms such as:

Harmony Hills Farms - Pork

Aspen Grove Farms - Beef, Chicken, Eggs

All Good Acres - Chicken, Turkey

Meadow Creek Dairy - Cheese

Mountain View Farm Products - Butter, Cream Cheese, and Yogurt

Shine Farms - Produce

Old Tavern Farms - Produce

Agriberry - Produce

Bella Vita Breads - Bread

Bombolini Pasta - Pasta

Additionally, we'll have the following for a limited time and on rotation:

Twisted Carrot - kraut, vinegar, treats, quiches

Whispering Springs Farm - goat milk treats and cosmetics

Love of Flour - cookies and treats

Carl the Caterer - Soup

Nightingale Ice cream - multiple varieties

Big Spoon Bars - granola bars

Bourbon Barrel Foods - Soy Sauce

Carolina Kettle Potato Chips

Jar Goods - Tomato Sauce

New Creation Sodas

STEAZ - Ice Tea

Pure Bliss - Snack Bites

Mountain Valley - Spring Water


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