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Seed Between The Lines With Companion Planting

If you're here with us enjoying Woodside Farms then you probably already know that plants contain within their cell walls a certain type of magic. But did you know that their magic reaches beyond their beautiful leaves and prolific flowers? They actually work better together in symbiotic relationships with other plants and provide mutually beneficial perks to other plants as well as the soil, pollinators, and all who interact with them. By planting well-known plant companions, you are able to increase the efficiency of your garden by several-fold. This garden wisdom comes from many years of observational and anecdotal evidence and recently has gained a stamp of approval from the more science-minded farmers and gardeners.

What is Companion Planting Exactly?

Companion planting is the practice of sowing different plant species within close proximity in an effort to utilize different beneficial features of each plant. In some cases, this is a one-sided beneficial relationship with one plant acting as an almost sacrificial plant, as is the case with a trap crop. But in most cases, this is a mutually beneficial relationship, providing improvements in crop flavor, nutrients to the soil, and a natural approach to pest management.