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Looking To Work at Woodside Farms?

Though the days can be long and the mornings can be early (so early), working on the farm is my favorite way to spend my time. Early mornings mean early bedtimes, it also means sweating, working hard, and enjoying the beautiful long days the Virginia sunny seasons have to offer. Additional benefits: you sleep GREAT, your skin looks pretty dang good (thank you, hydration), and you don’t have to pay money to go to a gym to work out! Does this sound like your jam? If so, there are a few ways to get involved in the goings-on here at the farm!

VOLUNTEER: Every Friday morning Woodside Farms hosts volunteer hours from 9 am-noon. We meet under the white pavilion set up next to the greenhouse. Depending on the harvest schedule, volunteers usually end up helping with harvesting tasks, weeding, greenhouse work, or simple building projects. Signup is definitely not required but always appreciated, just so we have the right amount of activities in mind. You can dig up more information on volunteer hours on our website and as always, you can send any questions you may have to

WORKSHARE: Are you interested in CSA options for your family and maybe also getting a bit of consistent dirt therapy? This year will be our second season of hosting work share members from April 27th - October 30th. Work share members trade 5 hours of work, 1 day a week for a full weekly CSA share! As part of our farm crew, these members work with us on projects like weeding, planting, bed flipping, harvesting, and getting ready for our markets. It’s a great opportunity to learn and engage with your community and local environment as well as a chance to feed your family the food that you helped grow! Check out the videos from a few of our work share members from last year for the inside scoop and feel free to peruse our work share page and send any questions you may have to our work share manager Blair at (me!)

Additionally, if you’d like to get more of an inside look at what it’s like to be on our farm check out and follow our social feeds!

We love getting our hands dirty in this lovely soil of ours and we hope you join us soon!

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