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The Many Health Benefits of Living the Farm Life

Around 12,000 years ago, our hunter-gatherer ancestors stopped migrating to where the food was and began growing their own. This was the beginning of agriculture, and the lives we live today, from the way we brush our teeth to the types of clothes we wear and the types of allergies we experience, all stem back to developing agriculture. We, as humans, evolved with agriculture, which may be why many of us are drawn to it. It’s in our DNA. And as one of the oldest professions, it comes with great job security (food being a necessity) and health benefits (I much rather snack on naturally grown produce than take medication for a diet-related health ailment). But on top of all this, farming has a few other pretty amazing health benefits.

It’s Physically Difficult

This is actually a very good thing. I started volunteering and interning on farms back in u