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Woodside Farms Wellness Fair

January is one of the biggest goal-setting times of the year - which makes sense! A new month and new year are ushered in, the haze of the holidays is mostly behind us, and we begin looking ahead to warmer days and activities that will keep us busier as our schedules shift back into more familiar territory. For many, these new goals center around a sense of well-being, not just for individuals but for families and communities as well. Now is the time to look around your community and see where you can jump in, where you can help and where you can prosper and grow. If you and your family heed a little extra wellness inspiration this winter, don’t worry - we’ve got you covered! Join us on Saturday, January 29th, 2022 from 10 am-1 pm as we welcome some of our favorite local wellness-focused vendors into The Barn at Chickahominy Falls.

Inside, we’ll have vendors like:

Operated by the Bell Family, Forever Foods Farm is a small farm located in Hanover County that uses permaculture techniques to sustainably grow pesticide-free perennial fruits, nuts, and mushrooms. Their mission is to support regenerative agriculture to create highly nutritious, long-lasting food. Their farm grows more unique items such as elderberry, pawpaw, tart cherries, juneberries, goumi berries, figs, gooseberries, stinging nettle, mushrooms, hazelnuts, and chestnuts - just to name a few. Their primary focus is growing American Elderberry (Sambucus canadensis) and creating a wide variety of elderberry products for the winter cold and flu season. Their most popular item is the "Spiced Elderberry Syrup" which is made from 100% pure elderberry extract harvested on the farm during the summer, organic ginger root, organic cinnamon, organic clove, and local raw honey. This syrup along with a simple syrup recipe (just elderberry and honey) is made fresh to keep the honey "raw" for the most benefits. Other elderberry products that will be at the wellness fair include elderberry tea blends, pure elderberry extract to make your own recipes, a DIY elderberry syrup kit, elderberry jellies, and freeze-dried elderberries. Samples will be available. Cold and flu season doesn't stand a chance!

Amy Fowler, of Lamplight Living, is an essential oil educator and enthusiast. She educates people to be proactive in their wellness and empowers them with simple tools to solve everyday issues such as sleep, immunity, digestion, muscle/joint discomfort, and more. Her mission is to share how to use natural solutions including essential oils, supplements, juices, smoothies, and kombucha to take care of health concerns at home and live an active lifestyle. She teaches classes and demos and does personalized consultations in person and via video. She wants everyone to live their best life and loves sharing recipes and showing how to create DIY applications.

Taylor Vashro Nutrition is a nutrition counseling business with a mission to help others achieve a healthy relationship with food and their bodies through intuitive eating. Taylor also provides personalized nutrition counseling for those who already have a healthy relationship with food but want to achieve better health and wellness through sustainable nutrition and lifestyle changes.

A multi-treatment room acupuncture clinic conveniently located in the Kings Charter office complex. Offering a powerful, natural approach to wellness, pain relief, and disease management for a wide array of conditions, they provide top-notch care that embraces a biomedical, evidence-based approach to an ancient medicine. Patients enjoy both acupuncture services and herbal solutions, including several popular pain relief topicals.

Owner, Lindsey Rushmore (Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Licensed Acupuncturist) has treated patients for over 12 years, specializing in pain and stubborn, chronic conditions. She is also a nationally certified Chinese herbalist and holds advanced training in Electro-Acupuncture Medicine (EAM).

Wild Earth Fermentation is a project to promote health and taste benefits of fermented foods including Sauerkrauts, Kimchis, Hot Sauces, Chow-chow, and Pickles. They support local farms and grow produce themselves in their own backyard! They are excited to return to share their passion for fermented foods with the community at the Woodside Wellness Fair.

Meredyth Archer was first introduced to drinking vinegars as a child growing up in West Virginia when she would drink a sweetened vinegar with her grandmother, who thought it was the answer to everything. Years later, she came across a recipe for sweet fruit vinegar in a family cookbook from the late 1800s, a hand-me-down. She remembered the tart and sweet taste from her youth and decided to make a batch. Many shared batches later, MOTHER shrub drinking vinegars was born. Made with fresh, organic, and non-GMO ingredients, these drinking vinegars pack a healthful punch, ready to help usher you through cold and flu season unscathed. For more information on the health benefits of drinking vinegars check out last week's blog here.

You may remember Hens and Hemp from our last in-person Wellness Fair of 2020. They’re a family-run ​​micro permaculture hemp farm for CBD flowers and products. Their hemp is hand-trimmed, quality cured, licensed, and registered in VA!

Twisted Carrot Farm and Market is a multifaceted business operating throughout the Richmond area. Their main farm is located in Hanover County, where they grow a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers. They view the horses and chickens who live on the farm as valuable sources of compost and fresh eggs. The second half of their business involves turning their produce and produce from other local farms into prepared foods and value-added products. They only use top-notch ingredients grown by farmers they know are using good growing practices. Some of the produce they use is damaged or ugly, which we save from the compost bin by turning it into delicious prepared foods! A win-win!

In addition to our favorite vendors, our Chef Devon Hammer will also be preparing a tasty Grab & Go Lunch. For more information on that and to pre-purchase your lunch, check out our website here!

We can’t wait to see you there!

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