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Arugula to Fight the Holiday Bloat

The holidays are here! And the air is swirling about with cookie recipes, buttered everything, and dreams of figgy pudding (I honestly don’t know what that is but it sounds dreamy and cute). While I love a month (or two) of festive indulgence, I’m also ready to get my mind and body back on track for the new year. And it seems that every so often there’s a new *superfood* discovered that is ready to save us and get us back to the pinnacle of health. Yet somehow our new superhero superfoods don’t save the day instead, we have to actually watch what we eat - how boring! Instead of looking to the sky for a new superhero superfood, let’s look back at an old standby that we have growing right here on the farm.


Arugula is a bright cruciferous green with a bit of a powerful kick to it. As a cruciferous, it provides amazing support to the gut. It’s rich in prebiotics, which help feed the good bacteria and supports healthy digestion. Arugula is also extremely heart-healthy. Its high nitrate content helps support healthy blood pressure levels and promotes cardiovascular health. I’m not making any judgments here but I feel like a food item that helps blood pressure levels during the family holidays could be heaven-sent. I’m just saying!

It’s also extremely high in calcium, potassium, folate, and vitamins C, K, and A for immune health (fighting those winter colds!) and support. What’s great is arugula has a light peppery taste so it can be added to so many recipes: salads, of course, but also breakfast quiches, tacos, appetizers, sandwiches, etc!

So where can you get some of the best tasting arugula around? Lucky for you, greens love this time of year - cool temps and fewer pests. And in addition to arugula, we’ll have many other greens cut, washed, and bagged, ready for your family’s dinner table at this month’s pop-up market and Brunch in the Barn event. We’ll have our usual winter farm stand (mostly greens) along with ticketed hot brunch items, some beverages, donuts, and Woodside Swag! Sip a mimosa while you shop - this is a no-judgment zone!

For more information and to purchase your brunch tickets today, check out our website.

We hope to see you there!

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