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Combat Stress: Easy Natural Tips

It’s somehow two-thirds of the way through January, as we dive into the new year, the weather is changing, the holidays are behind us, oh and it seems everyone is sniffling or has a tickle in their throat. This time of year is almost always served with a heaping helping of stress, or pressure to stick to your new year goals. Either way, daily stress can impact just about anybody, its compounding effects sometimes seem hard to dodge. But, there are certainly a few things we can do every day to help send stress and anxiety packing!


This may be some kind of high-intensity, buckets-of-sweat-generating cardio workout if that’s your thing - bless your heart - or it could be an invigorating walk around the block with a neighbor. Whatever your brand of movement is, do it and enjoy it. Better yet, enjoy it outside! The sun is still bright and fresh air is so good for your soul (and your cells). Exercising is such a powerful stress buster because it helps produce endorphin-based chemical reactions in your brain that essentially act as you