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Financial Health

Something I learned in nutrition school is that health comes in every size and shape and that to be truly healthy, we need to look at ourselves and our communities from a holistic lens. In the past, many of us were taught that discussing money (in all its forms: having it, not having enough of it, and what to do with it) was rude. We accept this, move on, and try to singularly figure out an institution that is much older and more encompassing than what most of us have the time or bandwidth to figure out. That being said, what many of us forget is that our physical health and wellbeing are often directly correlated with our financial health and wellbeing. This goes far beyond the simple act of having money and has much more to do with the emotional implication of money and the confidence that comes with a financial education. Simply getting to know your own financial situation and feeling a sense of agency in your relationship with your investments improves your overall health markers. With all of this riding on it, why wouldn’t you want to know the next best steps in improving your relationship with your finances?

What should seem obvious is sometimes overlooked when trying to provide a self-guided financial education. So, it’s worth pointing out that planning a financial future for someone in their 30s is going to look significantly different from someone who is 55+. This is where the information overload out there in the great swamp of a google education can be concurrently plentiful, yet lacki