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Woodside Wellness Chats

This is the one week in March that will probably forever stick out in my mind, as a big week with a lot of important dates. At least, they seemed important while I was going to school. Now that I’m older, I see that it might have just been that the school administrators were trying to keep us jazzed and focused during a very not jazzy and unfocused time of the year. Think about it, we’re in the middle of March, which when you’re younger only means you’re far enough away from the high of the winter holidays, yet the summer break is still so far off in the distance. But, when I was going to school this was a big week with a lot of themed homerooms. You have Pi Day (3.14), followed by the Ides of March (Beware of the Ides!), and bookended with St. Patrick’s Day. This week was big for us at Woodside Farms too not only for all those school memory-based reasons but it was also the first week we hosted a Woodside Wellness Chat.

Granted, we were originally supposed to host this chat back in January, but having it in March was just perfect. The weather was just right to keep the doors open and welcome all of our guests into our sold-out event (I say “sold out” but tickets were free - we just had limited seating). After check-in, guests were invited to choose from a co