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Fuel Your Wellness Journey

We have a belief at Chickahominy Falls that if you look after the land, the land will look after you. Woodside Farms is the place to unearth your wellness. Whether it’s growing out of the ground, or gained through knowledge that will make yourself a priority, the wholesome goodness can be harvested in more ways than one. We’re kicking off the New Year with a series of events in the big, red Barn at Woodside Farms that make your future a priority.

Woodside Wellness Fair

January 29th from 10am - 1pm

Throughout our health and wellness journey at Chickahominy Falls, we have found a network of professionals who are like minded. And every year, we bring them all together at the Woodside Wellness Fair. From delicious treats and consultation with local health and wellness vendors, the cumulative effect tips in your f